Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is your running speed (BPM)?

I enjoy running to music especially long runs. I need something to listen to when running or else it becomes boring. I started to google on "running beat music". I knew the song Little Bitty of Allen Jackson was a song I enjoyed to run to with a nice fast beat. I found out you have a BPM running beat. It is easy, just count your steps for 30 sec, times it by two and there you go, your own beat per minute. Take a few away for the last 30 min of your long run and by doing that you set your music according to your run. Now here is the punch of this blog. I know you have your own music and you might not be sure what their BPM is. Well I found this program that you can download on your pc and load your music of your pc on it and it tells you the BPM of each song. I will post it on the end of this story. So go on if you enjoy running to music and download the program and away you go.
I know we all dont run to music but I find it motivates me a bit more if I find a fast beat. My problem was I downloaded a lot of songs of playlists that were given to me but it is not my type of music. I enjoy Christian music with a fast beat for running and that even gives me another workout. I feel so good after the run after doing some worship with my run. You will be surprised how many nice beat Christian music there are to use with your next workout. Enough talking, go on and download that program and STAY FIT!


Need advise on a road bike for triathlon's

I was approached in this week to join a triathlon team. I have never done this before but would like to give it a try. I love running a lot and feels the same about it as the Bullrunner. I am now in the process of buying a road bike. Can anyone give me advice on:
  • Where to buy
  • What to look for
  • What to buy

Keep into concideration that I have never done this before so is not looking for a professional bike, even second hand is fine. A shop was refereed to me in Queson City I think it is called all-terra and maybe someone can give me more details of this? I would also not want to spend to much for in case I don't enjoy it. I am looking in spending between 15k and 20k, is this possible? Please help this foreigner to become a triathlon athlete or at least die trying.... An remember to KEEP FIT!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Long run outside or inside?

I had a late night last night at a very nice Indian restaurant at Greenbelt 3, Makati. I think I ate to much though but could not get up early this morning for my "long run" - still dont know why they call it a long run as it has so much negative connotations to it already. Why not say I am going for my short run tomorrow. How many times you set your "long run" on 20km or less, and end up on 15km or less? Well sorry to disappoint you but 15km is still a long run. The difference is it became a noun??? I know maybe I get to technical but what I am trying to say is:
I arrived at UP this morning at 6:40 and after gearing up and with my new garmin 405, I started the loops. I tried to stick to the 10km UP run loop as far as possible but one loop is about 3km. I planned to do 10 laps which is 30km roughly. I ended up after 1:30 to stop after 5 laps. the sun was on me and I had no energy left. I must add, it was my first time running in such heat!!! Another quick point, why does people who walk on the closed of lane, block the runner's way and not be a bit more considerate and keep left, the same with most races?

I can easily do 20km on a treadmill in the gym but outside in the heat is something else. Does anyone know how much km you can add to your run because of the heat?

Anyway the garmin was quite a dissapointment or maybe I just don't know exactly how to use it but still prefer my forerunner 305. I at least met another runner. He is actually a tri athlete. He asked me to join their team and can even hook me up with a great deal on a bike. I am not to sure about it yet as it is something new for me. I love running to much and feels like cheating on a girlfriend (when I was still not married and younger) by getting on a bike. I will think about it and will appreciate any thoughts on this. At least another very friendly Philippino.

To end up with my question, what is the best long run:
  • inside and finish the run you set out to do or
  • run outside and fall a few short?

Whatever your answer, do it to your best ability and KEEP FIT!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Here I am with my new start and my new blog

Hi all,

I enjoy to read all the blogs on running here in the Philippines. So I decided to also start my own as I can't remember on who's blog I commented so it will be easier for me to keep track. I am yes like my blog name, a foreign runner staying in the Philippines. We (my wife, kids and me) are missionaries here all the way from South Africa. I started to join some races and did the following races
  • UP run
  • Rush at UP
  • Mizuno
  • La Salle

I enjoyed all of the races and met so many people and it is great but still I am shocked to see how few foreigners there are in these races. Please when you see a foreigner at the races, talk to us, we do appreciate it and we don't bite. I will as time continue blog my experiences, ask questions and log my times in the races. Please keep on looking as you guys dont need me but I do need you guys to help me in my running here in the Philippines.

Anyway, until next time and KEEP FIT!