Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is how I described today at the nike human race. It was excellent organised. The marshalls was great, I even had a few that cheered me on, the water stations excellent with even some bananas on the course and everything else just worked excellent together. I also met so many bloggers, one of my highlights was a guy called "Doc" of happy feet and so many more. It was great meeting all you guys and sure we will see each other more frequent now.

It was also great that there were not so many runners, not only that it helped me to come first in my race category (I am so happy, the first time I win anything in a race!!!) but it was not so many people at the finnish line.

Rio, you did an excellent job in this race and keep it up, looking forward to your next races.

Then a special thanks to people like PC aka Prometheus Cometh, that gave up their day to make the day special for all us runners. You guys did a great job...

The girl that were running ahead of me the entire way until we went into the park area, where did you go to, I kept my foot firmly on the gas pedal as I was thinking you were behind me the whole time. Sorry I forgot your name but it was the girl that did the warm ups when we did the practise run last Saturday (can anyone help). Thanks for pushing me but where did you disappear to during the run and after. I looked at the results but you were not between the first ladies?!?

To the photographers, thanks guys for sweating through the heat, pushing through and for Ben the main organiser of the photos, looking forward to see my almost dying end photo.

Lastly, to Nike and all the wonderfull freebies, I put this race by far the best race I had since I started running here in the Philippines. It was worth getting the gadget for my ipod. Thanks for all the freebies, you guys were extremely generous and the socks is great. Thank you also to my great prize gift voucher, I needed new running shoes so that is what I will get.

Eric, as I mentioned on your blog, I hope you feel better soon and dont be so hard on yourself, kee your head high and believe in yourself, things will get better....

I really hope everyone else had just a great day as I did and on an extremely high note even though my time was not the best but due the the heat, hilss and almost 1 kilometer further run, I am happy and to all my crazy running friends or to all my mng pare, KEEP FIT and KEEP SMILING.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rich blessings through not only life but also running

I would like to contribute this entry to our only Father:

This is how Christ has blessed me this past few weeks. There is a reason why I did not blog for so long and here it is:

He allowed us to go to Palawan for a week and that was great. I enjoyed my every second day running there and especially enjoyed the clean air.
We had great classes this last two weeks and I got to learn a lot new vocab and understanding so much more of the grammer (did you know studies in the US shows that Tagalog is the 7th hardest gramatical language in the world)
He allowed me to run in the milo race, menshealth race and if it is His will, next Sunday the nike run at Fort.
I was able to join the run clinic at ROX and got some great tips.
I eventually got a nike kit for my ipod.
I eventually met TBR!!! Quite a highlight.
And then last but not least He blessed me with great running friends like you that share this passion of running with me.

It is so important for me to always remember it is because of Him that I am able to run and enjoy it. I am so greatfull for a healthy body and the ability to run. Then to top it all off, He gave me salvation!!

Well I hope to see you all at the nike race next Sunday!!!! And remember to always KEEP FIT!!