Monday, December 1, 2008

Milo marathon recap - ouch ouch ouch and in an unofficial time of 3:37

I am typing this post in so much pain, I can not begin to explain. I must add it is better today than yesterday.... Here it goes....

A week ago I never thought I will be able to run the milo marathon and was not in the mood for the 10km again as it was one of the worst experiences I had in August when I did the 10km milo as there were too many people in front that completed the 5km walking that we struggled to get through the crowds. So I wanted to do the milo 42km. There was just one problem, me being a foreigner and not a lot of explaining how the milo works, I thought I will do the 10km in August and then the 42km in November, never did I know you have to qualify to do the November 42km. I don't have a problem with cutting down but why not let the elite runners or the qualifiers start earlier and then the rest of the field? Or just explain properly on the milo site how it works. Enough complaining as I ended up running the 42km as a BANDIT.

It was about a week ago when I was approached by someone (don't want to mention who) to run the milo 42km with them. I voiced my unhappiness and this is when they told me they will run it as bandits. I was quite keen on the idea and decided to do it. I did not want to be a complete bandit so I registered for the 10km run. We were a few that were going to run this race and here we are in the photo (thanks for the pics Jonel):

This is the bandit group together

Or the photo of Jonel as per his blog "The Bandits"

The only legitimate runner Sir Jovie aka Baldrunner

We met up early at Roxas Boulevard. We also met up with Baldrunner and posed for a few photos. The reason why Sir Jovie is the only one facing the camera well, he is the only legitimate one to run the marathon as the rest are all bandit bloggers.

We walked up to the road as the race was about to start. Once the gun went off we joined the back of the pack. We decided to start together and see what happen. I knew Jerrie and I would run at the same pace as well as Lester but Lester told me he will only do a half. As faith had it, I started running with Jerrie. I guess we just cant help ourselves but before we knew it, we were on a 5min/km pace. We saw Jovie and caught up with him and then we were off. We started to overtake runners and it all went well. It was after about km 15 and a few hello Joe from the crowd where I have learned to either not respond or just say kumusta and usually they keep quiet then at that point. Sometimes if I say mabuti po, it will keep them even quieter and then the giggles will start. Well it was at this point where Jerrie told me he has a slight problem with his knee. He told me we can still continue but it is a concern for him.

I kept my pace and slowly Jerrie started falling behind. I kept looking back but he waved at me to go ahead. So I kept my pace and I felt good. At Bayani road and the turnaround point I saw Jerrie coming past not too far behind and then Jovie. We encouraged each other with a few words and off we went again. I was amazed at the speed of the first runner that passed me on his way back just before I went down McKinley hill. I shouted a few words of encouragement to him and concentrated again on my own run. It was so nice to pass the runners after the turn around point as everyone was in good spirits.

As I reached the top of Fort again I thought it must be around the 30km marker as I saw the 25km marker close to Heritage Park. I still felt good at this point. Usually in my training runs I would start to feel discomfort at km 32 so I had this in the back of my head. I was so upset with myself as I forgot once again my garmin forerunner at home so I could not see the distance I covered. There were also not a lot of markers on the route. As we went over the C5 flyover I thought we should be at the 32 km mark but I still felt great. I passed more and more runners that started walking at this point.

I was pushing forward when I saw Joms passing. I asked him how far to go and he said he is not sure but he thinks 7km. At this point a female runner was running with me as she stopped and walked and I caught up with her. She told me it is still 10km. So I knew it was not that far, it must be between 7 and 10km. I could at this point feel my legs getting heavy and felt some discomfort but I kept on pushing. I heard my name from a passing vehicle and I was wondering who that could be. It was the support team of team baldrunner with Coach Ferdie Espejo and the rest of the team. Thanks guys for giving me that water at that point, you were send for me as I needed it so much. Thanks for the words of encouragement as well and the pic taken.

After about 37 km, still 5 to go!!!

I had in my mind the idea there is still just one km left and then I saw the 40km sign and knew still 2km left and this is where my hope died. Two km's can be so far after 40km of running. I was really tired at this point as my legs started to struggle to keep my body going forward. I met up with another guy that started to push me and I took his pace and even had a sprint to the finish line. Yipeeeeee I made it, 42km!!! I went into the 10km finish line as this is the number I had. They must have thought this is the slowest 10km runner ever as the 10km clock was over 2 hours at this point.

Thank you milo for accommodating us bandits even though we did not give you any choice. I am sorry my fellow bandits for not staying to long after the race but I needed a CR desperately and the tender loving care of the wife. So I hopped on my bike and off I went into the traffic of Manila with legs that were wasted. Thanks to all the bandits for the support and inviting me along and remember our goal in three years time.... the comrades in South Africa....

To all that will do the Singapore, good luck and all the best for the race. I am off to gym, yes, you read it right, to gym as I was instructed by coach Ferdie to do a 30min 80% run today and tomorrow so I will see how that goes. To team Baldrunner, see you at Ultra on Wednesday and to all that read this blog... Keep fit and Keep healthy. God bless.


sfrunner said...

Philip, congratulations on the 42km. I'm proud of you and all the Hardcore runners. I'm 100% behind what you guys believe in so you'll never hear about "bandit this" and "bandit that." You're right about the last 2km. It's tougher than the first 40km.

Take care of yourself and enjoy a little time off your feet. You and everyone that participated deserve it!

prometheuscometh said...

Bravo Philip! That was one heck of a marathon. So you have been running training runs of 32km or more? May I ask where so that I can run as fast as you in the uphill Comrades marathon!

Jinoe said...

The hardcores on another monster run. Congrats for finishing it. And pray that you recover well and fast. said...

philip, nice post. you did not mention your unofficial finish time. capt espejo will see to it that you will be given a finisher's medal. see you at the ULTRA speed session this week.

kinderdorf said...

Congratulations for the great run!

run unltd. said...

Congratulations Philip for conquering the Milo full, I hope next time you will run as legit. Forget being the bandit, your achievement is far more better than the medal. I was looking for you afterwards but you're gone, so see you again.

Talk soon.

highaltitude said...

yeah, we were looking for you but you were off already. well, congratulation for you bro! i wish i could run with you to the finish line...

see you soon!

runnerforchrist said...

Congratulations foreignrunner, what an elite runner you are! Use this talent to glorify our Maker.
God bless you.

"Be filled with the Spirit..." Eph 5:18

Rico Villanueva said...

Philip, what ouch were you talking about? From the last photo, it seemed like you were having a blast. Congratulations on your marathon.

qrunning said...

Hi FR,

Sounds like you had a great day! Congratulations on a great time.


lester said...

Congratulation on the run Philip! I dont think i would have made it that far and at the pace you and jerrie were doing. Im still far from doing and finishing a full 42. but im working my way there! see you in ultra!

bards said...

"So I hopped on my bike and off I went into the traffic of Manila with legs that were wasted."

congrats Philip ... so did you also swim after your bike ride home? :P that would have been a reverse Tri sunday for you. hehe

sundaywarrior said...

Hi Philip congrats on a great run, hope to meet up with you in future races

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey congrats man! That was a really fast run. 'hope to run with you guys next year! well done!

vballrunner said...

ang galing mo Philip!

runningdatcom said...

Congratulations Philip! You made it sound like you were so slow in the end when in reality, you were the fastest in the group!

And to bike home afterward, oh boy! You don't live in Laguna or Bulacan do you?

Nora, the golden girl said...

Philip! To you and to all the other running bandits in the MILO Marathon: I salute you all!! Really, you just proved what "Love for Running" is all about. It's not for the trophy nor for the medal--but for the pure love for it. Congratulations!!!

georgepds said...

Nice meeting you philip, the last time i remembered before we run were laughing you said "hindi joe pangalan ko" hehehehe

groundhogdude said...

Hi philip, amazing run you had, a marathon still seems impossible to me, but who knows :-)

The foreign runner said...

Wayne, it was the first bandit race and it was great. I wish I could stay of my feet but a few races left before the end and with team baldrunner there is no rest. Did you enjoy your free basketball tickets? (I saw on Levy's site)

Jay, it must have been something in my food. See you on Monday night.

Jinoe, thanks for the good wishes.

Sir Jovie thanks you very much and especially for organising the milo medal.

Thanks Felipe

run unltd, sorry i missed you after the race but i had to get home for a massage.

runnerforChrist, i am far from elite runner and sure would not want to be there, I am because of Him. Thanks for popping by my site.

Rico, pictures can be deceiving, I could not show Coach Esperjo that I was injured. I was done after the race!!!

QS, thanks for the congrats, keep fit brother

Lester, you just need long runs as your fitness is there!! Congrats on your fast time in the 10km last week!!!

Bards, oops, in our country a motorbike is called a bike so I was not that crazy yet. Thanks for believing that I could anyway ha ha ha

Sundaywarrior, I am sure we will meet soon.

Gene, put in the miles and we will run together next year!!

vballrunner, maraming salamat po pare.

runningdotcom, as I explained, in South Africa we call a motorbike a bike so I am not that good. So yeah it was easy with the motorbike.

Nora, I am sure you will still se with your first half marathon (remember my promise to you), once youdo the first one then you are hooked.

georgepds, I know I must get use to it but sometimes it becomes quite irritating. Nice meeting you brother.

Joma, marathon might be sooner than you think, I thought so myself about 6 months before I did my first one, all you need is a solid base of a lot of miles, so just do a few long runs and you can do it. All the best and I hope it is soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Phil! didn't know there was still 10k to go. i just went out for a morning run and and completely forgot that it was Milo Finals day! Awesome time you got there!

Running Paqsig marathon in March? I hope I can keep up to your pace.
Seasons greetings!


Anonymous said...

3:37 on ur 1st full marathon???! monster time! ... around these parts, ang tawag dun ay *halimaw* haha!

wow, u've come a long way since ur jolly good fellow santa-claus days :)


Running Diva said...

Great marathon finish, Philip. I wish I could do one full marathon soon. But still afraid to do it. :) Congratulations and more running years to come!